The Mesothelioma Cancer Industry

Author: Daniel Mechanik

Mesothelioma Cancer, or Asbestos Cancer, is a rare form of cancer which occurs in the mesothelium – The thin protective membranes covering our internal organs, especially those found in the chest and abdomen areas. As the name ‘Asbestos Cancer’ implies, Mesothelioma Cancer is in most cases linked to some previous exposure to Asbestos, especially inhalation of Asbestos dust or vapors, or a history of handling or working with Asbestos.

In many cases, Mesothelioma Cancer cells form around the lungs – this fact makes some people confuse Mesothelioma Cancer with “plain old” Lung Cancer, but the difference between the two is huge. Actually, in relation to this article’s subject, the difference is even bigger. Let me explain; “plain old” Lung Cancer is usually caused by inhalation of high amounts of pollutant materials – usually this exposure is caused by smoking, which, putting the tobacco industry conspiracy aside for the moment, is a person’s own informed decision and he is willingly putting himself at risk.

In the case of Mesothelioma Cancer, on the other hand, the person who is at risk is not informed at all. Most Mesothelioma Cancer cases were caused by someone else’s malpractice. Schools that still have asbestos in their classrooms are knowingly putting our children at risk, construction companies deliberately hide information from their employees, and for this reason, Mesothelioma Cancer cases are becoming more and more common.

Lives that have been taken away can never be returned. But those who are still fighting this dreadful disease deserve all the help and support from the State and from the people around them. It is shameful that the State doesn’t give these people the help they need – because they are now in a situation were the only way for them to get any kind of assistance is by going to court and trying to prove that someone else is to blame, hoping for recognition and monetary compensation…

Add to this the following facts: First, There are over $600 Million dollars, reserved for Federal Recoveries nationwide in the USA. Second, the average Mesothelioma Cancer related settlement in the U.S. is around $1 million. Cases that reach trial, on average, awards aproximately $6 million. So from a lawyer’s point of view, Mesothelioma Cancer is ‘Big Business’. Mesothelioma Cancer is the most expensive keyword on the internet today, lawfirms are willing to pay sometimes $30 per-click on their web advertisements.

This has spanned a whole industry of Mesothelioma-Cancer-Web-Publishing.

Webmasters are building webpages on Mesothelioma Cancer just so they can serve ads and get a chunk of that 30-dollars-per-click pie. People have forgot that its human lives they are dealing with.

Too bad that everyone is so concerned about making money today. But hey, this greedy state-of-affairs is exactly what caused this Mesothelioma Cancer epidemic in the first place. If companies during the ’60 were only a little bit more responsible, they wouldn’t have played with the public like they did.

The Mesothelioma patient doesn’t have the time for all of these games. We should help these people however we can, because it might be us tomorrow.

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