Mesothelioma: Silence Is Deadly

This one type of cancer is very deadly disease which is identical to asbestos. Various methods and techniques that have been done to control the resource drain millions of American dollars. Until now have not found an encouraging level of success. The difficulty of detection of this disease is the biggest factor why this disease is one type of a dangerous disease. The disease is detected only after varied between 20-30 years, although there are cases that were detected 2-7 years. but generally a long incubation period characteristic of this disease. She was quiet but alive, He is mesothelioma.

In medical science, from the treatment of a variety of data analysis that lead to the conclusion of treatment action, It seems like a normal thing (as most diagnoses are obtained by a doctor comes from the symptoms felt by people) but unfortunately in most cases of deadly diseases such as cancer, HIV and various cases of other deadly silent and unseen as if no terkeculi mesothelioma.

According to Drs. Raja Flores, who works as a professor and chief of breast surgery, esophagus, lung and mesothelioma specialize in Mount Sinai Hospital, To say that the hidden nature of this disease has been difficult to take precautions because a person exposed to asbestos have a latency between 20 – 30 years and said he found 50 cases each year. For this reason, mesothelioma is a highly lethal disease.

From the medical data obtained during this though this disease does not have sensors that can be interpreted as symptoms of mesothelioma, or at least similar symptoms on the causes mesothelioma mostly minor medical symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough or influenza-like symptoms common. It also is according to sources at the National Cancer Institute, that for nearly three decades the development of mesothelioma is increasing throughout the world, especially in environments with high concentrations of exposure to asbestos or asbestos-called account. although there is a relation between this disease with genetic factors but environmental factors have the largest share.

Because of the difficulty of detecting this disease, understanding the environment with exposure to asbestos or products containing these ingredients is the most prudent action.

Although it has developed various techniques and methods of treatment, but success rates are still relatively low. This is what we still hear in the various news media about the sadness of a family of their loved ones. Nothing is more wise than on prevention, because prevention is better than cure.

Author: Rofiq Hidayat

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