An Overview Of Mesothelioma Cancers

Author: Kirsten Hawkins

What are Mesothelioma Cancers?

Mesothelioma cancers are the cancers that spread in the
mesothelium tissues. Mesothelium in general is the name of
tissue that forms lining of different body organs such as heart,
lungs, abdomen and reproductive organs. The lining around
abdominal organs is known as peritoneal membrane. Lining around
lungs is called pleural membrane while the lining around heart
is called pericardium.

These linings perform two functions. They protect the internal
organs by producing a lubricating fluid and to allow the smooth
movement of the internal organs. Mesothelioma cancers are the
cancers affecting these membranes. The names of the cancers
depend on the tissue or linings they affect. Peritoneal
mesothelioma, pleural mesothelioma and pericardial mesothelioma
are the names of cancers of linings of abdomen, lungs and heart,
respectively. Pleural mesothelioma is the most common of all
mesothelioma cancers and is found in 70 % of the mesothelioma
patients. Peritoneal mesothelioma constitutes 10% to 20% of the
mesothelioma patients while third type pericardial mesothelioma,
is rare.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancers

Symptoms of mesothelioma cancers are same as of other common
diseases. It makes diagnosis mesothelioma cancers a difficult
task. Pain and swelling in abdomen, weakness, loss of weight,
loss of appetite and nausea are some symptoms of peritoneal
mesothelioma. Symptoms of pleural mesothelioma are persistent
cough, difficulty in breathing, weight loss, loss of appetite,
weakness, chest pains, lower back pains and difficulty in


History of mesothelioma cancers goes back to as far back as
1900s. It took about 60 years to gather sufficient information
about these mesothelioma cancers. By the end of sixth decade of
last century, experts could conclude that exposure to asbestos
particles is the reason behind the disease. J. C. Wagner was
first researcher to report 32 cases of mesothelioma cancers and
confirmed its association with asbestos exposure.

One alarming fact about the mesothelioma cancers is its extended
latency period. These cancers may remain asymptomatic in the
body for even up to 50 years. Chances of survival for
mesothelioma patients are rare and the average survival period
after diagnosis is not more than 12-24 months. Surgery if
diagnosed early, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are some
common treatments for all types of mesothelioma cancers. People
suffering from mesothelioma cancers can file lawsuits to recover
damages for medical expenses and other damages. They can file
the lawsuits against the persons and companies responsible for
causing asbestos exposure

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